How to negotiate on Legislate.

Legislate is an all-service contracting platform. Not only does it allow you to create and sign your contracts, it also provides a platform for parties to negotiate terms.

Step 1: Review terms

Parties should review the terms of the contract before signing. The terms of the contract will be locked, and unable to be edited by the offeree (the receiving party) so it is their responsibility to flag any concerns with the contract to the offeror (the party creating the contract).


Step 2: Communicate concerns or counter-offer

To communicate any concerns, or to make suggestions as to the contract’s terms, parties are encouraged to use the ‘Activity tab’ on Legislate. Here, parties can highlight concerns and negotiate the contractual terms all in one place. When a message is sent via the activity tab, you will receive an email notification to ensure you can stay on top of your contracts.


Step 3: Editing terms

If the parties agree to change the terms of the contract, the offeror (who wrote the contract) can do this in the terms tab by simply altering the terms. This will then generate a new contract that the party will be invited to review and sign again.

Top Tip: Use the activity tab to discuss your contract’s terms- all the information relating to the contract will now be in one place!

If you would like to use Legislate to simplify the way you negotiate your contracts, click here to book a demo and join the Legislate community.

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