How to remove a party from a contract on Legislate

If you need to remove a party from a Legislate contract, you can do this via the ‘people’ tab.

Firstly, click on the people tab and you can review the parties to your contract as well as additional collaborators to your contracts.

Next to the names of each party to the contract, you will see several options, including ‘remove’.

Simply select ‘remove’ for the party that you want to remove from the contract. As this action cannot be reversed, you will be asked to confirm that you want to remove this person.

Select ‘yes, please’ and the person will be removed from the contract. This will also send a notification to the person letting them know they have been removed from the contract. They will no longer have access to the contract unless they are a team member.

Once you have removed the person, you can return to the people tab and review the remaining people on the contract.

How to remove a party who has already signed?

If a party needs to be removed after they have signed, you can delete their signature if the contract is not complete. You can find the delete signature button at the bottom of the contract preview. After doing this you'll be able to remove them by following the previous instructions.

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