How to sign a contract on Legislate.

Legislate is an all-service contracting platform. Parties are invited to create, negotiate and sign contracts all in one place.

Step 1: Invitation to sign

Once a party accepts the terms of the contract, they are invited to complete their details and then sign. It is important that the person receiving the invitation confirms the spelling of their details and completes missing information.


Details can be completed by clicking on the continue button in the banner and going to the people tab.


Once the invited person has completed their details they can sign.


Step 2: How to sign

To sign the contract, click ‘Continue’ or go to the Preview tab. You will be taken to the contract page where you are invited to sign using either your trackpad or your finger in the box. Scroll to the button of the contract page and agree to the terms to sign.


To redo your signature, click ‘clear signature’ below.

If you already have your signature saved to your device, you can upload your signature to the contract by clicking on ‘upload signature’ where you will be invited to upload your signature from your files.

Step 3: Consequences of signing

Once both contracts have signed the contract, they have assented to its terms and it is now binding. Your signatures will now feature on the bottom of your completed contract to reflect this.

Once signed, your signature will be saved and readily available for future contracts.


Why can't you sign your contract?

If the banner is not asking you to sign a contract, you have either already signed or you can't sign the contract yet. Common reasons you can't sign are detailed below:

  • You have not added your details

  • A document requested from you has not been uploaded or accepted.

  • There is no party on one side.

Top tip: If you're having difficulty writing on the trackpad, you might find it easier to perfect your signature on a touchscreen handheld device, such as your mobile.

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