How to create an employment agreement on Legislate.

Legislate has a suite of lawyer-approved contracts on its platform, providing for a simple and smooth contracting process. Legislate takes you from creation, to negotiation, to completion of contracts and offers key insights into your contracts-even after they have been completed.

Step 1: Creating a contract

From the Legislate dashboard, select ‘Create Contract’.


You will see a selection of contracts available to create on Legislate. Select ‘Employment Agreement’.

Step 2: Setting the terms of your contract

Define the scope of your contract and fill in the terms. This will include key information such as the employment start date, salary and title of the future employee.


You might find that some terms are autofilled. These autofilled terms are the ones that are most frequently selected by our users.

Step 3: Personal Details

Next, enter your own personal details and then the details of the parties to the contract, such as your company.

After, add the details of the party on the other side, such as the employee. This will send them an invitation to view and sign the contract. The terms that you set are frozen, so the employee cannot edit them.


Step 4: Add collaborators (optional)

You are also able to add additional collaborators to the contract. For example, these could be managers or directors that are involved in the contracting process or multiple signatories.

Step 5: Negotiate the terms

Legislate provides a streamline communication service for negotiating or questioning terms of a contract. Use the Activity tab to communicate with the other party and keep up to date with the progress of your contract. If you agree to alter a term this can be done in the same way as you added the terms to the contract


Step 5 Sign:

You will be notified when the other party has inputted their details and signed the contract in the activity tab.

Once you have agreed on the terms you can now sign the contract! Sign the contract by using your mouse or trackpad or by uploading an existing signature to the platform.

For more information on how to sign your contracts please click here!

If you would like to use Legislate to simplify the way you create your employment contracts and access invaluable insights, click here to sign up and join the Legislate community.

Top Tip:

Legislate has a useful FAQ tab that you and the other party can use to understand the terms in your contract. Equally, if you are uncertain about the meaning of some terms we have included icons with definitions next to commonly questioned terms.

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