Whilst Legislate has multiple checks to prevent signatures from happening too quickly, you might still need to cancel a signature if you need to update terms based on new feedback from the other side. This page explains the steps you need to follow to undo signatures.

What happens when you sign a contract?

When you sign a contract on Legislate the terms will lock themselves so that they can't be changed post-signature. If you need to change the terms post-signature you will need to remove the signatures and then make the changes.

How to cancel signatures as the contract creator?

The contract creator can cancel all signatures and can do this by going to the contract preview and scrolling to the bottom to access the "Remove signature button".

Signature box of a contract

The parties will be notified in the activity tab that the signatures have been removed.

Legislate activity tab

How to cancel signatures as an invited party?

If you have been invited to a contract and need to cancel your signature, you can do the same by scrolling to the bottom of the preview and clicking on the delete signature button.

How to cancel signatures when everyone has signed?

It is not possible to cancel signatures if all the parties have signed. However, you can archive a contract and create a new agreement which will replace this one if the parties agree to sign it.

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