If you want to prepare the terms of a contract in advance and save them on the Legislate platform, then first you need to create a contract by clicking the ‘create’ button:

You then have two options: create a contract or create a bundle. Select create contract if you only need to create one document. Select create bundle if you need to create multiple documents with the same party.

Select the contract type you need to create. If you can't find the agreement you are looking for, please get in touch via the chat!

Agree with our Terms and Conditions and click Continue.

Fill out the contract terms with the appropriate answers:

After completing the answers, click Save draft at the bottom of the page to save the terms. Please note that you need to provide valid answers to all the questions in order to save the draft.

A green tick will appear to confirm that your terms have been saved correctly.

Tip: You can also copy these terms to the next agreement you create. You can export the values to a spreadsheet by clicking Copy terms.

Get in touch with us

There are many ways to get in touch with Legislate:

  • The fastest way to communicate with us, is via the chat messenger in the bottom left corner. We reply in minutes!

  • You can reach us via email [email protected]

  • You can book us using this link

If you would like to see a demo of Legislate, please visit our Youtube Channel or book a call using this link.

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