Teams are shared workspaces where you can create and collaborate on contracts. Invite your co-workers or collaborators to your team to make it easier to create contracts in Legislate. Please note that you need to be a team owner to perform these steps. If you are not a team owner, ask your team owner to do these steps or alternatively ask them to make you a team owner.

Open your team

  1. Choose the team you need

  2. Once you're in the team bundles, tap My team to ascend to the team configuration page

Invite your team member

  1. Once your team's page is open, select INVITE MORE to invite collaborators

2. Insert emails of the people you want to add and press continue

*Tip: To add more than one team member just write down all emails you want to add separating them by comma.

3. Now we have our members added to the team, to edit their role tap EDIT

4. You can select the role or remove them from a team. Once everything is right, invite them by tapping SEND INVITATION

5. Now it is time to sign up for your team members as collaborators. Once they sign up, they will appear as your team's members.

Get in touch with us

There are many ways to get in touch with Legislate:

  • The fastest way to communicate with us is via the chat messenger in the bottom left corner. We reply in minutes!

  • You can reach us via email [email protected]

  • You can book us using this link

If you would like to see a demo of Legislate, please visit our Youtube Channel or book a call using this link.

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