What is Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet program created by google, it shares a large similarity with Microsoft Excel, with its main difference being the ability to share spreadsheets with teammates and be able to edit them in real time.

Select Legislate as the trigger

A trigger is an event that triggers the Zap.

Specify the event for the trigger

The event for the trigger is when a contract is created, so the Zap will be launched when a contract is created in Legislate

Select Google Sheets to be connected to Legislate.

When the Zap is triggered, we want a response to occur in Google sheets

Specify what happens in Google sheets, when the Zap is triggered.

When the contract is created, and the Zap is triggered, Zapier to create a row in a spreadsheet, indicating the basic info of the contract, such as the contract name, and the contract creation date.

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