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A student tenancy is an agreement between a landlord and a Full Time Student to let an identified residential property for a specified term at an agreed rate. The details of the tenancy establish the duties and undertakings of both parties.   

Tenants require permission from the landlord to perform some activities and are altogether restricted from performing others. The landlord has certain entitlements in regard to the property and the deposit. Moreover, depending on whether the rent is inclusive of utilities, both the landlord and the tenant have varying liabilities. 

Features of tenancy 

  • Date of agreement 
  • Term - commencement date and end date
  • Rent and deposit
  • Each tenant is liable for all costs as though they are the only tenant

Tenant agrees to

  • Keep the property in good and clean conditions.
  • Return the property and its contents in the same state, give for wear and tear.
  • Use the property only as a private dwelling house.
  • Corporate with other tenants and not hinder their studies.
  • Remove all personal possessions at the end of the tenancy.

Tenant may

  • Only use a kettle, toaster, microwave or sandwich maker in the kitchen.
  • Only play music at a level which is not a nuisance.
  • Between 10pm and 9am, play music or sounds which cannot be heard outside the room.
  • Hold gatherings of a maximum of 10 people at one time.

Tenant shall not

  • Keep any pets.
  • Use communal areas as bedrooms.
  • Smoke, burn candles, or any naked flames in the property.
  • Store any contents in the cellar.
  • Affix items on walls, doors, or furniture which will damage them.
  • Remove the contents of the property.
  • Make any alterations or redecorate the property.
  • Behave in a manner likely to impact health and safety by wedging open doors, removing door closers, covering smoke detectors, or obstructing corridors.
  • Use the property in a way which invalidates the landlord’s insurance.
  • Do anything to or on the property which is a disturbance to neighbouring property, their occupiers or their owners.

Tenant needs permission from the landlord to

  • Let anyone stay overnight except for the occasional guest who may stay for 2 consecutive nights on Fridays through to Sundays.
  • Sublet, assign or share possession of the property.

Tenant must notify landlord 

  • If any tenant ceases to be a Full Time Student during tenancy.
  • Of any change in a tenant’s immigration status.
  • Of all structural needs for repair to the landlord.
  • Of any communication affecting the property by sending a copy within 7 days of receipt and take no action without landlord’s consent.

Tenant will pay

  • Interest if rent is overdue.
  • For any costs incurred by breach of the agreement.
  • For any telephone charges and council tax.

Non-inclusive tenants will also:

  • Pay and indemnify the landlord against all charges for telephone, broadband, television, gas, electricity, water and sewerage.
  • Arrange and pay for a TV license if required.

Landlord shall

  • Insure the property and its contents, including tenant’s belongings.
  • Make good any faultless damage caused by an insured risk.
  • Allow the tenant quiet uninterrupted enjoyment of the property.
  • Keep in repair the structure and exterior of the property.
  • Keep in repair installations for water, gas, heating, electricity and sanitation.
  • Inform tenant about the Tenancy Deposit Scheme being used within 30 days of receiving the deposit.
  • Store tenant’s possessions for maximum of 1 month after end of tenancy.

For All Inclusive tenants, landlord shall also:

  • Contribute monthly for internet services.
  • Pay for TV license, gas and electricity, water and sewage services.

Landlord is entitled to

  • Repossess the property if rent is not paid in accordance with the agreement.
  • Withhold a sum of the deposit if reasonably necessary.
  • Enter the property with 24 hour notice for inspection, repair, and showing prospective tenants the property.
  • Keep a set of keys to the property only to be used with tenant’s consent.
  • Re-enter the property in case of default by the tenant and terminate the tenancy.
  • Repossess with 2 months notice if term has expired and at least 6 months have passed from the date of agreement.

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