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An Academic Research License Agreement establishes the terms under which a company will license their product to an academic institution for research purposes.

The parties accept a mutual duty of non-disclosure of confidential information. The licensor asserts ownership over the intellectual property rights of the product and a right to terminate the contract. Conversely,  the licensee undertakes to use the product solely for the specified purpose and collaborate with the licensor accordingly.


  • For the Company to license the product to the University for the purpose of academic research.

Core elements

  • Date of effect + duration
  • Nature and terms of license grant
  • Termination
  • Confidentiality
  • Royalties

Licensee’s rights and obligations

  • Has the rights expressly granted to it in Agreement.
  • To use product solely for specific purpose.
  • To inform the Company of product’s achievements.
  • To seek approval to reference product in publications.
  • To assist the Company enforce its IP rights when necessary.
  • Not to disclose the Company’s confidential information.
  • To indemnify the Company from damages connected to its use of the product.

Company’s rights and obligations

  • Right to immediate termination of Agreement. 
  • Exclusive ownership of the product and its IP rights.
  • To use feedback from Licensee as they see fit.
  • Not to disclose Licensee’s confidential information.
  • Entitled to indemnity in claims for damage connected to Licensee’s use of product.

Lawyers to be used 

  • When Licensee’s use of the product may infringe third parties’ IP rights, in which case it is advisable to seek indemnification from the Company.
  • When Licensee is based outside of England and Wales, as this may give rise to export issues and increase the geographical scope of IP protection needed.

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