How do I invite another party to a contract?

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How to invite parties to collaborate with you on Legislate

Legislate allows you to seamlessly collaborate with other parties in your contracting process.

The video below explains how to invite another party to a contract. It is accompanied by a short step-by-step description below. 



Step-by-step: Inviting another party to a contract 

Once you have inserted the terms of your contract into the Terms tab, Legislate will ask you to firstly enter your personal details, and then the details of the parties to your contract in order for them to sign. Screenshot_1.png


If you are the person creating the contract on Legislate, you do not have to be the one to sign. For example, you can add your company as a party from your side and sign the contract under your company name by filling in your details.


As well as collaborating with individuals, you can collaborate with groups of people on Legislate. This is useful if you are a large landlord or letting agent creating a tenancy agreement for multiple tenants - such as a HMO or Student Tenancy Agreement. 


Once you have filled in the name and contact details of the party on the other side of your contract, they will be sent an email from Legislate inviting them to enter their details in full and sign the contract. 


Legislate’s Activity tab is useful for keeping track of any updates in the contract. Either party will have access to the activity log to send messages directly to those you are collaborating with, such as prompts to sign the contract or any questions about specific contract terms. 


If you would like to use Legislate to simplify your contracting experience, click here to sign up and join the Legislate community. 

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