Can I collaborate with others on Legislate?

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Can I collaborate with others on Legislate?


Legislate allows you to collaborate with other parties in the contracting process. As well as adding parties to your Legislate contracts, you can invite other people as collaborators. This means that they can manage the terms and parties to the contract without being a party. This is useful if you have other team members or assistants who may be involved in completion of the contracting process. 

You can also add additional people to your contracts, such as witnesses or additional signatories - if required. 

Once you've added others to the contract from either your address book or via email invite, you can message them directly through the activity tab, for easy updates and smooth communication throughout your contracting process. 

The sent messages will be visible in the recipient's activity log and they will also be notified by email if they receive a message on the platform. 

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